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Hiv/ Aids a Comparision Between Gujarat and Maharastra

ASSIGNMENT Compare and contrast of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programme between Gujarat and Maharashtra states in India India has a serious health problem with Hiv/AIDS. In 2006, 3.1 million people were living with the virus, according to NACO( The National Aids Control Organisation). In 2006, the 15-44 age group had a HIV prevalence of 0.28%, so 1.7 million people were HIV positive in India at that time. 1986 witnessed the first case then by 1990 it had assumed epidemic proportions. Today HIV positive numbers in India are the second highest in the world This essay will compare the HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gujrat has below 5% prevalence rate among high risk groups and less than 1% in the†¦show more content†¦People received the knowledge of the all the activities and services available for HIV prevention and care. Condom promotion was one part of this exhibition. In this way in the absence of the Adolescences education Programme, people were able to obtain the vital information for the first time to use condoms for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS. Currently, there are 6 A.R.T. (antiretroviral therapy) centres in the state at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mehsana, Bhavnagar, and two in Surat. Figures obtained in December 2008 show that 22,837 patients were registered at the six A.R.T. centres of these 12,257 had started treatment and 8,011 patients were still alive and on A.R.T. A further three A.R.T. centres are being set up in their state. Gujarat is the first state in India to pioneer the idea of Link A.R.T. centres. 14 have been established so far. These are designed to provide optimum service for those on A.R.T. who are below poverty line and live at a considerable distance from an A.R.T. centre. An Examination of The ART centre at the BJ Medical College shows that the centre includes senior and junior medical officers, technicians along with counsellors and nurses. Medical officers in the ART centre examine the patients and suggest drug treatment for ART which are distributed from the centre to the patients

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Mexican Revolution Diaz´s Administration and Beyond Essay

Mexico had a long way to be stabilized from Diaz’s administration to the constitution of the 1917. The Porfiriato era was able to stabilize Mexico had problems despite of the growing economy led a major uprising. After factions argued what’s best for Mexico led a list of compromise constitution that is the constitution of 1917 which they have debated each other. Porfirio Diaz led a coup against President Manuel Gonzalez whom was to pick up and leave in 1876. The Diaz system allows him using the army and police powers to controlled elections, press and public speech, and popular government a farce . He managed to stay in power as he modernize Mexico was practical to it until 1910. Industrialization came to a high price when there had been†¦show more content†¦It seems for rich and the foreigners who controls the resources, â€Å"the ownership of these subsurface deposits was now given to those who owned the land .† Towns lost their lands and autonomy as to industrialize farming, mineral, oil, and transportation such as railroads. If a ranch and Indian villages didn’t produced much was seized by Diaz whom issued new land laws. He was so effective when came to land registration law which left 60% own no land while the rich classes and foreigners own the land. In 1910, the people were fed up to deal with Diaz to lead up t he Mexican Revolution in 1917. One of their reasons for the farmers to rebel against Diaz, that their land as they blame him for their bad conditions in this country. Diaz tries to drag modernize Mexico at a high price which he was able to succeed. The Mexican army shrunk, but it was equipped with modern weapons with help of the Germans . He has to rebuild the nation by reorganizing police force, state’s power, and reduce the power of the central government. Diaz had made Mexico into an oligarchy system which it had everyone in their place. The idea of the oligarchy didn’t last very long along with eliminate serious competition and close the door to all but a few . That seems the reason why conditions were bad in Mexico while the rich enjoy the wealth. While Diaz is still under power hold a tight grip over the government as hisShow MoreRelatedImperialism And War : American Foreign Affairs7199 Words   |  29 Pagestrade agreements and alignments and foster the spread of Christian and democratic ideals as they understood them. The isolationism that seemed to work for America began to change late in the century for a variety of reasons. First, the industrial revolution had created challenges that required a broad reassessment of economic policies and conduct. The production of greater quantities of goods, the need for additional sources of raw materials and greater markets—in general the expansive nature of capitalism—allRead MoreEssay about Argentina4537 Words   |  19 PagesArgentina Europeans arrived in the region with the 1502 voyage of Amerigo Vespucci. Spanish navigator Juan Diaz de Solias visited what is now Argentina in 1516. Spain established a permanent colony on the site of Buenos Aires in 1580. They further integrated Argentina into their empire following the establishment of the Vice-Royalty of Rio de la Plata in 1776, and Buenos Aires became a flourishing port. Buenos Aires formally declared independence from Spain on July 9, 1816. Argentines revereRead MoreSience23554 Words   |  95 Pageswarming planet thus leads to a change in climate which can affect weather in various ways, as discussed further below. What Are The Main Indicators Of Climate Change? As explained by the US agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are 7 indicators that would be expected to increase in a warming world (and they are), and 3 indicators would be expected to decrease (and they are): [pic]Ten indicators for a warming world,  Past Decade Warmest on Record AccordingRead MoreInstitution as the Fundamental Cause of Long Tern Growth39832 Words   |  160 PagesHandbook of Economic Growth edited by Philippe Aghion and Steve Durlauf. We thank the editors for their patience and Leopoldo Fergusson, Pablo Querubà ­n and Barry Weingast for their helpful suggestions. The views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the National Bureau of Economic Research.  ©2004 by Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, and James Robinson. All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs, may be quoted without explicit permission providedRead MoreRacism and Ethnic Discrimination44667 Words   |  179 PagesGuatemala Human Development Report (2005), analyses the concept of social stratification, which gives evidence of the asymmetries with respect to access to development for Indigenous and Afro-descendent Peoples, having to do with difference that go beyond socioeconomic factors, and that moreover, reinforce ethnic subordination. UNDP, Guatemala. 2005. 6 This is a doctrine based on the explicit recognition of cultural diversity is established in conformance with equality of citizenship. It recognizes

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Active Passive Voice Skill and Drill Quiz Free Essays

Univ. of Phoenix: Center for Writing Excellence, Active and Passive Voice Skill-and-Drill Quiz Note: Every time you take the quiz the questions are in a different order and some questions will be different. 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Active Passive Voice Skill and Drill Quiz or any similar topic only for you Order Now Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? †¢The hotel was left by the blackout with 250 pounds of spoiled food. ?The blackout left the hotel with 250 pounds of spoiled food. 1. Which of the following sentences should be rewritten in the active voice? †¢The director’s left had was left with about 75% mobility after he suffered injuries in a car accident. A gap was left in the auditing team by the capable director when he left. 2. Identify the correct active equivalent of this passive sentence: Enron might still exist had auditors been granted full access to company records by the executives. ?Auditors might have saved Enron had authorities granted them full access to company records. †¢Auditors might have been able to save Enron had they been granted full access to company records. †¢Enron might still exist had the executives granted the auditors full access to company records. 3. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? The ing redients will have to be added to the boiling water. ?You will have to add the ingredients to the boiling water. 4. Identify the correct active equivalent of this passive sentence: The books will be taken from the library by the movers on January 16. ?The movers will take the books from the library on January 16. †¢The movers are taking the books from the library on January 16. †¢The movers took the books from the library on January 16. 5. Identify the correct active equivalent of this passive sentence: Intellectuals were relocated by Pol Pot to the Indonesian countryside. Pol Pot has relocated intellectuals to the Indonesian countryside †¢Pol Pot wanted to relocate intellectuals to the Indonesian countryside. ?Pol Pot relocated intellectuals to the Indonesian countryside. 6. Pick the best active equivalent of the following sentence: The brochures and the radio spots were written by the tireless marketing team. †¢The brochures and radio spots had been written by the tireless marketing team. ?The tireless marketing team wrote the brochures and radio spots. †¢The brochures and radio spots were written by the tireless marketing team. 7. Which of the following sentences should be rewritten in the active voice? ?PepsiCo’s production of diet soda was exceeded by Coca-Cola in 2006. †¢The coast of Maine wa buffeted by strong winds early this morning. 8. Pick the best active equivalent of the following sentence: The layout of the new rooms at headquarters was considered â€Å"old-fashioned† by the designers, and new flooring and wall coverings were recommended. †¢The layout of the new rooms at headquarters was considered â€Å"old-fashioned† by the designers, and they recommended new flooring and wall coverings. The designer considered the layout of the new rooms at headquarters to be â€Å"old-fashioned,† and new flooring and wall coverings were recommended. ?The designers considered the layout of the new rooms at headquarters to be â€Å"old-fashioned† and recommended new flooring and wall coverings. 9. Identify the correct active equivalent of this passive sentence: The note book computers were produced by Toshiba Corporation. ?Toshiba Corporation produced the notebook computers. †¢Toshiba Corporation had produced the notebook computers. †¢Toshiba Corporation will produce the notebook computers. 10. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? †¢The jury was instructed not to discuss the case with anyone. ?The judge instructed the jury not to discuss the case with anyone. 11. Which of the following sentences should be rewritten in the active voice? †¢The rare book was found several miles from the library on a park bench. ?The dissertation was worked on 14 hours a day for seven days by the talented and soon-to-be Doctor Jana Hartwood. 12. Change this verb form active voice to passive voice: â€Å"†¦were watching their stock. † ? †¦ stock was being watched †¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ stock had been watched †¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ stock had been watching 3. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? ?The eccentric millionaire will purchase the artwork for about $100,000. †¢The artwork will be purchased by the eccentric millionaire for about $100,000. 14. Pick the best active equivalent of the following sentence: The show was stolen by Sue Preston, when an imitation of CEO Richard Blake was performed by her. ?Sue Preston stole the show when she imitated CEO Richard Blake †¢Sue Preston stole the show when an imitation of CEO Richard Blake was performed by her. †¢The show was stolen by Sue Preston, when she performed an imitation of CEO Richard Blake. 15. Pick the best active equivalent of the following sentence: After the colors were presented by the color guard, the commencement address was given by Hans Goldman, a lively if elderly survivor of the holocaust. †¢After the colors were presented by the color guard, Hans Goldman, a lively if elderly survivor of the holocaust, gave the commencement address. ?After the color guard presented the colors, Hans Goldman, a lively if elderly survivor of the holocaust, gave the commencement address. †¢After the color guard presented the colors, the commencement address was given by the Hans Goldman, a lively if elderly survivor of the holocaust. 6. Which of the following sentences should be rewritten in the active voice? †¢The experiment was first conducted at Yale University in the 1970s. ?The gold medal was won by gymnast Peter Vidmar in Los Angeles. 17. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? ?The government cannot foresee the potential damage of a severe hurric ane season. †¢The potential damage of a severe hurricane season cannot be foreseen by the government. 18. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? ?Workers burn the sugar cane before hauling it to the refinery. †¢The sugar cane is burned before it is hauled to the refinery. 19. Pick the best active equivalent of the following sentence: A thickening was found by the doctor in the patient’s right bicep, and the patient was told by the doctor that it would need to be removed by the surgeon. †¢The doctor found a thickening in the patient’s right bicep, and the patient was told by the doctor that it would need to be removed by the surgeon. †¢A thickening was found by the doctor in the patient’s right bicep, and the doctor told the patient the surgeon would need to remove it. ?The doctor found a thickening in the patient’s right bicep, and the doctor told the patient the surgeon would need to remove it. 0. Change this verb from active voice to passive voice: â€Å"†¦will perform Chopin’s etudes. † ? Chopin’s etudes will be performed†¦ †¢Chopin’s etudes were performed†¦ †¢Chopin’s etudes may be performed†¦ 21. Identify the correct active equivalent of this passiv e sentence: The organization had originally been established by the Quakers in 1848. †¢The Quakers originally established the organization in 1848 ? The Quakers had originally established the organization in 1848. †¢The Quakers were originally establishing the organization in 1848. 22. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? By whom can Mt. Everest be climbed? ?Who will be able to climb Mt. Everest? 23. Which of the following sentences uses the active voice? ?The executive team sought ways to help the training department recover. †¢Ways were sought by the executive team to help the training department recover. 24. Which of the following sentences should be rewritten in the active voice? ?Sweaters were knitted by the 75-year-old great grandmother of seven, who sold them to supplement her social security. †¢The relic of inestimable value was found in an antique store in West Virginia. 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Human Resource Management Process

Question: Describe about "Human Resource Management". Answer: The rate of economic growth and development is associated with the planning process for human resource departments of different organizations within their respective industries. The predictions made my administrators regarding the right proportions combine the available capital, the intended objectives, and the employment needs are essential in defining productivity and success. Labor transitions, as well as the rate of turnover of retention and recruitment, have contributed to the performance of the economic sector regarding investment and withdrawals in the national income cycle. The actions of human resource managers define the extent to which the organizations will achieve their desired financial stability through increased profit margins (Armstrong, 2011). The human resource management processes for the government and private sector investments has facilitated the Gross Domestic Product in Singapore as well as creating a stable environment for organizational performance. The pur pose of this essay is to examine the how Strategic Human Resource Management complement the efficacy of organizations during the good and bad times. In Singapore, the economic growth rate has been fluctuating from a high value of 37% to a lower figure of -13.50% between 1975 and 2016. The actual current standings have been stable at 0.00%. The country depends on the service industry and the manufacturing sector to sustain the financial stability regarding the gross national income (Trading Economics, 2016). The countrys income is also generated from the financial transactions since the state has invested in financial management. The other corporate organizations have also contributed to the GDP performance of the country because of their Strategic Human Resource Management plans. The diversity of investors within Singapore ranges from industrial investment to service delivery, and their success is associated with the approaches they employ in managing risks as well as implementing changes in the human resource sector. The augmentation of the workers to the success of an organization depends on the levels of the remuneration and t he extent of job satisfaction (Gratton et al., 1999). Once an interactive environment is established, motivational measures are brought on board to ascertain the need for performance that will contribute to effectiveness. Each organization desires to increase the profit margin, and the labor force plays a crucial role in this objective. It is essential to recognize that Strategic Human Resource Management is important for economic stability within outside an organization. When companies are performing according to the set mechanisms, the roles carried out by the human resource managers are meant to assure the firm of an adequate supply of labor regarding skills, experience, and competence (Boselie, 2010). The economic stability in the country defines the measures undertaken by enterprises to secure their human resource culture. The period when organizations are enjoying the good times, the human resource management assists in developing an environment that will support to counter the effect of competition in the industry. The plans generated are geared towards quality improvement and productivity. Developing the skills of the employees is vital when creating a sustainable labor culture. Strategic Human Resource Management in an organization shifts the attention from planning to implementation and evaluation of perfo rmance about expected objectives and growth targets (Mello, 2014). At this point, the analysis of the needs of the company is compared with the labor market and the training structure. The forecasts in relations to costs help the organization to plan for possible crises emanating from the internal structures or caused by the factors of the external business environment. Moreover, it is essential to note that employees enjoy the stable environment that is available when the organization is running as expected. The hardworking employees receive rewards and are complimented through the set measures of motivation. The state also benefits from the organizational stabilities recorded across the country. The income taxes are stable, investments and savings are increasing, and the compensation insurance rates are relatively low. The debenture holders and shareholders enjoy their interests and dividends respectively as forecasted by the financial analysts. For example, the economic stability in China since 2010 provided a safe environment for organizational development. The Toyota Motor strategic plan was put in place. The managers of the affiliates offered leadership that enabled the company to become the best performing motor company in the world in 2015 (Pai, 2006). The company was not facing much risks and pressure from the internal and external environm ent hence the focus was on the growth of the motor industry in China. The strategic approach to human resource management enabled the company to outdo Volkswagen and General Motors. Strategic Human Resource Management therefore in focused towards realizing the departmental objectives by enhancing employee participation in teamwork, training, and cooperation (Armstrong, 2008). However, the peaceful coexistence within an organization may not last for long because the success of an organization is based on diversity of factors that are subject to fluctuation and interference. The stable profits may significantly fall affecting the financial stability of the firm as well as the countrys economic performance. The number of employees may be unmanageable and proved to be an excess costs to the company. The skills and academic qualification may not match the industry competition making the business vulnerable. Such scenarios are referred to crises, and they alter the approaches to be used b y the human resource managers to solve problems. Nevertheless, the Strategic Human Resource Management approaches during crises are unique since they are meant to bring sanity in the processes of management and implementation of solutions (Chadwick, 2005). For example, during the economic recession in Singapore between 2008 and 2009 affected the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore and the Temasek holdings. Most of the organizations in banking industry had to close their operations. However, the two organizations had to restructure their operation and financial management schemes to evade receivership. The human resource in terms of expertise, experience, and commitment revived the control that the organizations had by 2012 (National Library Board, 2015). The occurrence of the uncertainties calls for measures that will reduce the impacts of the problem. The activities carried out are meant to reduce the possible losses to levels that will not incapacitate the organization. Most of the human resource measures involve the r ejuvenation of the sustainable environment in the organization that existed before the risks occurred. At this moment, there is a great need to realign the objectives to fit into the existing scenario without losing the measures as well as creating generality across all aspects of the firm. Although the focus of crises interventions is to resume normal operation, the other side of the process involves analysis of the occurrence to generate a learning tool for future decision-making. The human resource team plays a crucial role in communication, developing policies, applying new skills, and implementing interventions (Kramar, 2013). The employees become the center of the crises management irrespective department that is primarily responsible. The activities carried out during the crisis within the organization may spill over to the external environment such as the industry and the state. Besides, the after managing the crises the human resource carries out the measures meant to restructure the disoriented processes for efficient operation. The activities involved in the post-crises period are important because they define the magnitude to which the ascertained changes will enable the organization to recaptures the market and economic trends. The constant growth in GDP in Singapore may not have a drastic implication on the organization after the crises; however, states with unstable economies may prove the post crises recovery a difficult process. Impacts emanating from economic crises may affect the performance of the firm to the extent of dissolution. A strategic approach that involves the contribution of the human resource to the process of solving the problem could assist in building a new culture that will incorporate the transformations (Chew Chong, 1999). Poor performance in organizations regarding the generated profits, losses in the company related to cash f lows, and risks originating from poor planning can be solved through strategic human resource management. The employees are conversant with the operations of the organization and can embrace changes and supervision quickly. However, some measures can be incorporated into the Strategic Human Resource Management interventions to reduce the chances of crises occurring in the organizations. Effective planning by all sectors of the firm will ensure that the decisions reflect the exact scenario in the industry to reduce the exposure to risks (Rothwell Kazanas, 2003; Salaman et al., 2005). The degree of risk management through human resource planning is an essential aspect when managing economic recession and inevitable downturns. When the human resource team and the master plan for the future based on the desired objectives as well as the evidence from predictive analysis then the success of the organization is guaranteed. It is vital to understand that planning does not eliminate risks and crises, but it reduces the impacts they cause once they are inevitable. Companies need to improve the position of the organization in the industry; therefore, the firm should include Strategic Human Resource Management as an essential element in the planning process (Pynes, 2013). The setting of measures that guard the activities of the company should be comprehensive. The desires of the employees, the objectives of the nation, and the goals of the company should be amalgamated to create an environment of mutual benefit. In conclusion, the management of human resource affairs is essential for the success of organizations. The objective of strategic planning in the administration of labor assist companies to generate measures that can be implemented to mitigate existing challenges related to recruitment, retentions, and motivation of workers. When the organization is excellently attaining the set objectives and financial targets regarding profit, the Strategic Human Resource Management processes assist in maintaining and sustainably generated culture. However, during crises human resource managers help in rejuvenating the stability of the organization through labor transformation, restructuring, and specialization. The performance of the human resource departments in corporate organizations is reflected in the GDP of the respective states through the annual analysis. Therefore, Strategic Human Resource Management is not only a safe tool for organizational effectiveness during crises but also a contrib utor to national development. References Armstrong, M. L. (2011). Armstrongs handbook of strategic human resource management. (K. Redmond, Ed.) (5th ed.). Philadelphia: Kogan Page. Armstrong, M. (2008). Strategic human resource management: A guide to action (4th ed.). Philadelphia: Kogan Page. Boselie, P. (2010). Strategic human resource management: A balanced approach. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Chadwick, C. (2005). The vital role of strategy in strategic human resource management education. Human Resource Management Review, 15(3), 200213. Chew, I. K.-H., Chong, P. (1999). Effects of strategic human resource management on strategic vision. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 10(6), 10311045. Gratton, L., Hope-Hailey, V., Stiles, P., Hailey, V. H., Truss, C. (1999). Strategic human resource management: Corporate rhetoric and human reality. New York: Oxford University Press. Kramar, R. (2013). Beyond strategic human resource management: Is sustainable human resource management the next approach? The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(8), 10691089. Mello, J. A. (2014). Strategic human resource management (4th ed.). United States: South- Western College Publishing. National Library Board. (2015). Historic Events: Economic Recession in Singapore. Singapore: NIB. Pai, P. (2016). Car Companies: The Top Ten in the World. Pynes, J. E. (2013). Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations: A strategic approach (4th ed.). United States: John Wiley Sons. Rothwell, W. J., Kazanas, H. C. (2003). Planning and managing human resources: Strategic planning for human resources management (2nd ed.). United States: Human Resource Development Press. Salaman, G., Storey, J., Billsberry, J. (Eds.). (2005). Strategic human resource management: Theory and practice (2nd ed.). London: Sage Publications. TRADING ECONOMICS. (2016). Singapore GDP Growth Rate: 1975-2016. Retrieved 21 May.

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Aguinaga Maria Business Case free essay sample

This causes Obama (who is the official first cyber-warfare president) to not only worry about who is attacking his military but who is attacking and targeting his country. 2. Question There are people, organizations and technologies that are responsible for cyber-warfare. These include People: Representatives of Congress are responsible because they failed to pass two executive orders that President Obama wanted to pass in 2012.Organization: The Obama administration is also responsible for cybercafà © because in 2013, they accused the Chinese government and P. L. A. For attacking the U. S. Government. They wanted to avoid the confrontation because the U. S. Needed the help of China in dealing with the military and nuclear threat created by North Korea and Iran. Technology: There was something called a wiper agent named Dark Seoul, which overrates the master boot record (MBA).North Korea attacked the Chinese-written Gonad exploit kit, which attacked and infected PCs. This created a zombie computer and the attackers had access to any information. We will write a custom essay sample on Aguinaga Maria Business Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 3. Question There are some solutions for the cybercafà © problem. These solutions include Solution one: the Obama administration began helping all Asian and Middle Eastern allies in enforcing their computer network defenses against any threats coming from North Korea and Iran.They have been helping them by also supplying any advanced hardware, software and raining programs Solution two: China and the United States have an increased diplomatic pressure in how to deal with the attackers coming from North Korea and Iran. This is because China happens to be North Koreans trading partner and important ally. Also China depends on Iran for its energy needs. The only way they can have a solution for cybercafà © is by controlling it.

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Ipl Scandals Essays

Ipl Scandals Essays Ipl Scandals Essay Ipl Scandals Essay - The  Indian Premier League  (IPL) is a professional league for  Twenty20  cricket  championship in  India. It was initiated by the  Board of Control for Cricket in India  (BCCI), headquartered in  Mumbai,Maharashtra[3][4]  and is supervised by  BCCI  Vice President  Rajeev Shukla,[5]  who serves as the leagues Chairman and  Commissioner. It is currently contested by nine teams, consisting of players from around the cricketing world. - However, the league has been engulfed byseries of corruption scandals. - Controversies involving the Indian Premier League From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The  Board of Control for Cricket in India  (BCCI) has found itself in the middle of many conflicts with various cricket boards around the world as a result of the  Indian Premier League  (IPL). The main point of contention was that signed players should always be available to their country for international tours, even if it overlaps with the IPL season. To address this, the BCCI officially requested that the  International Cricket Council  (ICC) to institute a time period in the International Future Tours Program, solely for the IPL season. This request was not granted at a subsequent meeting held by the ICC. [1] Contents  Ã‚  [hide]   * 1  Conflicts with the England and Wales Cricket Board * 2  Media restrictions * 3  Conflict with Cricket Club of India * 4  Suspension of Lalit Modi * 5  Chirayu Amin named IPL interim chairman * 6  Termination of the Kochi franchise * 7  2012 spot fixing case * 8  References| - edit]Conflicts with the England and Wales Cricket Board Because the inaugural IPL season coincided with the  County Championship  season as well as  New Zealands  tour of  England, the  ECB  and county cricket clubs raised their concerns to the BCCI over players. The ECB made it abundantly clear that they would not sign No Objection Certificates for players- a prerequisite for playing in the IPL. Chairmen of the county clubs also made it clear that players contracted to them were required to ulfill their commitment to their county. As a result of this,  Dimitri Mascarenhas  was the only English player to have signed with the IPL for the 2008 season. [2] A result of the ECBs concerns about players joining the IPL, was a proposed radical response of creating their own Twenty20 tournament that would be similar in structure to the IPL. The league - titled the  Twenty20 English Premier League  - would feature 21 teams in three groups of seven and would occur towards the end of the summer season. 3]  The ECB enlisted the aid of  Texas  billionaire  Allen Stanford  to launch the proposed league. [4]  Stanford was the brains behind the successful  Stanford 20/20, a tournament that has run twice in the  West Indies. On 17 February 2009, when news of the fraud investigation against Stanford became public, the ECB and  WICB  withdrew from talks w ith Stanford on sponsorship. [5][6]  On February 20 the ECB announced it has severed its ties with Stanford and cancelled all contracts with him. [7] - [edit]Media restrictions Initially the IPL enforced strict guidelines to media covering matches, consistent with their desire to use the same model sports leagues in North America use in regards to media coverage. Notable guidelines imposed included the restriction to use images taken during the event unless purchased from  cricket. com, owned by Live Current Media Inc (who won the rights to such images) and the prohibition of live coverage from the cricket grounds. Media agencies also had to agree to upload all images taken at IPL matches to the official website. This was deemed unacceptable by print media around the world. Upon the threat of boycott, the IPL eased up on several of the restrictions. [8]  On 15 April 2008 a revised set of guidelines offering major concessions to the print media and agencies was issued by the IPL and accepted by the  Indian Newspaper Society. [9] - [edit]Conflict with Cricket Club of India As per IPL rules, the winner of the previous competition decides the venue for the finals. [10]  In 2009, the reigning Champions,  Deccan Chargerschose the  Brabourne Stadium  in  Mumbai. [10]  However, a dispute regarding use of the avilion meant that no IPL matches could be held there. The members of the  Cricket Club of India  that owns the stadium have the sole right to the pavilion on match days, whereas the IPL required the pavilion for its sponsors. [11]  The members were offered free seats in the stands, however the club rejected the offer, stating that members could not be moved out of the pavilion. [10][12][13] - [edit]Suspension of Lalit Modi On 25 April 2010, the BCCI suspended  Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman, for alleged acts of individual misdemeanours. The suspension notice was served on him by Rajeev Shukla, BCCI vice-president, and N Srinivasan, the board secretary, sending an e-mail to the same effect. It followed a day of negotiations with interlocutors attempting to persuade Modi to resign but pre-empted a potentially flashpoint at a scheduled IPL governing council meeting, which Modi had said he would attend. Modi was officially barred from participating in the affairs of the Board, the IPL and any other committee of the BCCI. [14] - edit]Chirayu Amin named IPL interim chairman Chirayu Amin, an industrialist and head of the  Baroda Cricket Association, was named interim chairman of the IPL by the BCCI, following Lalit Modis suspension. [15]  According to BCCI, many important documents were missing from the IPL and BCCI offices. Many of the records are missing. The IT is asking for documents. We dont have them. We have asked BCCI CAO Prof Ratnakar Shetty to look into the missing records and papers, said BCCI President Shas hank Manohar. [16] - edit]Termination of the Kochi franchise On September 19, 2011, the newly elected BCCI president N Srinivasan, after the annual general meeting in Mumbai, announced that the Kochi Tuskers Kerala IPL franchise was terminated by the BCCI for breaching its terms of agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, each franchise has to submit a bank guarantee every year that covers the fee payable to the BCCI. The 2010-founded team was bought for Rs 1,550 crore and the consortium has to pay a bank guarantee of  156 crore every year till 2020. 17]  The consortium that owns Kochi is reported to have defaulted on an annual payment of  156 crores as a bank guarantee. In April 2010, the BCCIs working committee had rejected demands from Kochi and Pune Warriors for a reduction in their franchisee fees. The two new franchises, which made their debuts in 2011, had sought a 25% waiver on the grounds that the BCCI had stated in the bidding document that each team would play 1 8 league matches in a season. The schedule was later reduced to 14 matches per team. - edit]2012 spot fixing case Main article:  2012 Indian Premier League spot fixing case On 14 May 2012, an Indian news channel  India TV  aired a  sting operation  which accused 5 players involved in  spot fixing. Reacting to the news, Indian Premier League president  Rajiv Shukla  immediately suspended the 5 uncapped players. The five players were,  TP Sudhindra  (Deccan Chargers),  Mohnish Mishra  (Pune Warriors), Amit Yadav,  Shalabh Srivastava  (Kings XI Punjab) and  Abhinav Bali, Delhi cricketer . [18]  However, the report went on to claim that none of the famous cricketers were found guilty. On the reliability of the report,  Rajat Sharma, the  editor-in-chief  of news channel  India TV  quoted that the channel had no doubts about the authenticity of the sting operation and prepared to go to court. [19] Mohnish Mishra who was part of  Pune Warriors India  team for the season, admitted to have said that franchises pay black money, in a sting operation. Mishra was caught on tape saying that franchisees paid them black money and that he had received  1. 5  crore  (US$273,000)  from the later, among which  1. 2  crore  (US$218,400)  was black money. [20]  He was also suspended from his team. [21]

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Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Legalizing Marijuana - Research Paper Example Although there are many voices and opinions about this topic, the legalization of the drug could support a more stable criminal justice system and prevent the consequences of arrest on citizens that far outweigh the nature of the crime. In understanding the argument for the legalization of marijuana, one must first understand what aspects of the drug is relevant to legalization. The cannabis plant is one of the oldest cultivated varieties of plants in the history of the world. There is evidence that shows that the plant was used for both clothing manufacture and for its intoxicating effects, but there is also some evidence to show that it was grown for its food potential as well (Green, 2002, p. 10). The plant has an Asian origin, although scientists have been unable to determine a specific origin as the long history of the plant defies the ability of research to trace it back to an origin. ` The cannabis plant has many uses that go beyond just the use of the leaves as an intoxicant. Henry Ford made a prototype of a vehicle using hemp (the fiber derived from the plant) based plastics for the body which turned out to be stronger than steel. He was also working on a hemp based oil product for fuel (Green, 2002, 17). Hemp fibers can be used to create natural The drug has an infamous quality as there have been tales and myths reported from the results of usage of the intoxicant. From the 13th century there are writings from Marco Polo about a Persian ruler who had disciples who committed religiously motivated murder who were inspired by the use of cannabis. There is a similar contemporary tale of Shiites who recruit assassins who are users of the drug. In a similar vein, there are stories of African white land owners addicting the Bushmen of the area to marijuana as a means of controlling them (Roffman, 2006, p. 6). All these tales describe the worst imaginable horrors that can be